Sometimes even the strongest people wake up to the biggest challenges. That is what happened to Ukrainians on the February,24, 2022, when Russia started their invasion which led to a full-scale war. Not only the Ukrainian people stand for their independence but also for our democratic values, the values of the free world.

At Primetime Looks, we decided to support them in this darkest hour. 

We chose one of the Ukrainian charity funds "Destiny of Ukraine"

(Ukrains'ka Dolya, 31.03.2022 № 1 005 561 0200 00080431, Legal ID #44801432)

We encourage our dearest customers to support them too.

They provide for families with kids in need, seniors and/or citizens displaced because of war. Every $5 can save someone!

 Click below to see their website:primetime-looks-destiny-of-ukraine-support


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